This walking bridge is getting a little worse for wear. It made me think of the bridges we build, or burn, in our relationships. I would rather be a bridge builder, but sometimes it may become necessary to burn a bridge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our relationships were free of conflict?

Poem: A Bridge Unsure
(c) Candice Pierce 2017

Can I build a bridge of friendship,
With one who won’t come near?
Can I be the voice of reason,
When someone will not hear?
Can I break through the suspicion,
When trust was killed by lies?
I may not be successful,
But I can only try.



10 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. An old bridge, even a brand new bridge can be destroyed in a moment. To build a bridge takes time, planning, perseverance and patience. Your succinct poem has caught the importance so well. Writing a poem or a story, may just be that bridge, And you may not even be there when the bridge can be walked over.
    Keep on building anyway!

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