Fatal Fungus?

Fatal Fungus?

I don’t know what kind of fungus has attacked this tree, but from what I’ve read, most types of tree fungus cause serious, if not fatal, damage. The street where this tree stands is beautifully shaded in the summer, and colourful and lovely in the fall. I hope the tree survives, and none of its neighbours become infected. Trees are wonderful in their variety, and their seasonal transformations delightful to watch.

14 thoughts on “Fatal Fungus?

  1. I’ve never seen, to my memory, a fungus like that on a tree. From the photo, it looks like a thin, shell-shaped extension of the bark. Yes, hopefully it inflicts no fatal harm so the tree may live to experience the warmth and regrowth of spring. (I so look forward to the end of this bitter winter!)

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  2. Great post. Yes. Trees are beings in their own right and deserve our respect for sure. Being reincarnated as a tree would not be a bad thing – unless you had the misfortune to be planted on a traffic island or someone’s Xmas tree or – OK i take that back, too many ways being a tree can go sideways.

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    1. That’s too bad. I guess I was hoping it would be a symbiotic relationship. That tree lined avenue is really beautiful in summer and fall, so I hope the city can save, or replace, the tree. Thanks for the information.


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