My “Grandcats”

My “Grandcats”

I sometimes care for my daughter’s rescue cats when she’s away. I drive to her home to put out fresh food and water, and of course, tend to the litter box. It occurred to me during one of these visits that the behaviour of these two felines can be quite similar to some humans I’ve met. Bela is a white female, nervous, timid, and I think traumatized by experiences that occurred before her rescue. She is like those who are afraid to trust, and would rather miss out on the possibility of a relationship than to be hurt by one.

Cake, on the other hand, is a bold and sassy calico with a sense of entitlement. She does what she wants, goes where she wants, and sometimes won’t acknowledge my existence unless I have a treat for her in my hand. I think we’ve all met people like that. They are self-absorbed and think of others only when theyhave something they want.


Can you guess which is which?

Of course the behaviour of my “grandcats” is very different with my daughter. They feel fully secure in their relationship with her. There is trust, giving of affection, and love that comes from their time and experience with her.


24 thoughts on “My “Grandcats”

  1. It is remarkable how animals and humans, while existing on different levels of understanding, may react similarly to situations and demonstrate comparable personalities/mannerisms. Whether animal or human, neglect or abuse in the past can mar trust and relational health in the present, but a little love can make all the difference for the future.

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  2. Love those kittys! Some cats seem to pick up your mental aura and act accordingly. Haha, podcaster/comedian Marc Maron always has a stable of feral cats and he wonders why they’re always so highly strung and surly.

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  3. Being a cat person, I feel sad for Bela. She looks like she’s seen hard times and just wants to be left alone. She’s fortunate to have found a good home. As for Cake, she looks a bit crafty and entitled! Feisty, perhaps?

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  4. Or, possibly the white cat might behave differently because she is hard of hearing. If she has blue eyes she will be even more likely to be very hard of hearing. My daughter has one and she is still a lovely cat.

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    1. Oh yes. I’ve heard that before, but Bela doesn’t have blue eyes. I didn’t mention in my post that she also has 3 or 4 spots where she’s licked her fur off, which seems to be a behaviour of a stressed cat. At least she doesn’t lick it raw anymore. She’s very affectionate with my daughter, so she must feel very safe with her.

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