A Year in the Life…

A Year in the Life…

August, all is green, birds are singing, and the sun stays unset until late evening. The sights are colourful, the breezes are warm. In summer, nature flourishes.


October, the tree has exchanged its green leaves for gold, the summer birds have left until spring comes again, and the sun disappears in the early evening. Nature slows its pace, but puts on a fantastic autumn display.


November, all the leaves are gone, and a blanket of snow covers the ground. The days are shortened even more. Winter birds sing, and scour the neighbourhood for a  bird feeder that a considerate resident will keep filled during the season of cold.

98F8E3A1-7A9F-47AD-BEF4-3A27480C288EEarly May, and spring has truly arrived in my neighbourhood. The tree that I’ve been observing for almost a year, is covered with reddish blossom-like buds, which are even more colourful than the foliage of fall.


Mid May, and “my tree” is back to green again. The area is alive with the happy sounds of renewal.

One more photo, to highlight another interesting feature, is below. This is the side of the tree unseen in the rest of the pictures. I think it displays the tenacity of nature to survive and thrive, season after season.


19 thoughts on “A Year in the Life…

    1. I’m not sure, but the surrounding trees have straight trunks. The twisted growth may have something to do with the scar. I’m glad it survived.


  1. Stunning. Has reignited my fascination and respect for trees. They truly are amazing creatures. I might just take a page from your book, observe and maybe document certain interesting trees. Good eye Candice.

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