Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

These five budgies have joined our son’s family. They’ve become great companions for our grandchildren, and seem to be receptive to the training they are getting. Their keep doesn’t cost near as much as a dog or cat, and you don’t have to take birds for a walk. Look how nicely they perched for this photo taken by our daughter-in-law. Their names are Tim, Dandelion, Blue, Sky, and Tango. I’m looking forward to meeting them on our next visit.

42 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. Are the names in order picture-wise? I really hope so, because that means the one named Blue isn’t one of the blue ones and that’s adorable. Also who named theirs Tim? I love pets with ordinary human names.

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      1. There’s large flocks of them there that are wild. I’d like to see them for myself. I think they’re usually green and yellow, similar to the middle one in your line-up with green chest and yellow face. Very cute!

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  2. Those names are so cute! How is your son and his family caring for the birds? Where do they stay? I hear that pet birds can create a little bit of trouble, as they need opportunity to stretch their wings and, in the habit of birds, will drop white presents as they whip through the house.

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    1. I’m not sure of their care details yet, but hope to learn more on our visit this weekend. I have heard, though, that they leave”the little white presents” sometimes.


  3. Now I’m all nostalgic for my childhood pet parakeet — I called him Mergatroid! 🙂 My favorite (surprisingly) is the gray sitting at the end of the row. Very distinguished looking.

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    1. We’re visiting our son and his family this weekend, and got to meet the birds. The gray one is named Blue. They have been so fun to watch, especially when they have little nodding conversations with themselves in front of a mirror. Sky (the darker blue one) seems to be quite taken with his reflection.

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  4. I don’t know if Canadians feel as much like the empire as we do, but I always feel that Canada and Australia are like brothers. Bur Budgies are are Australian as you can get. So yay! Wow! . Go the budgies.

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