Fast Food in the Fast Lane

Fast Food in the Fast Lane

This lucky gull found a hamburger bun in the drive through lane of a local fast food restaurant. He had to abandon this windfall a couple of times as cars were leaving, but finally the traffic let up long enough for him to get a good grip on his prize. He could fly then to a safe place where it might be enjoyed, and shared. Gulls are very good scavengers, and are also good at cleaning up food that someone has thoughtlessly discarded.

10 thoughts on “Fast Food in the Fast Lane

  1. My husband has had food stolen twice by gulls in Ocean City, NJ. Once carrying a tray of french fries (yes, previous comment so true…gulls love them) another time he was eating a hoagie, had his arm resting on the chair and sandwich held up in hand and a quick gull made away with the sandwich.


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