Not Exactly Wildlife

Not Exactly Wildlife

While visiting a neighbouring town, I spied a display of whirligigs and spinners outside a shop as I explored the quaint downtown area. I stopped to admire the bright colours of this peacock, though it doesn’t hold a candle to its real-life counterparts.

Walking further, I came to a park. There is a man-made stream running through, and a pond, with an assortment of ducks and geese making themselves at home. They can’t really be classified as wild, as they seem quite unruffled by the presence of the people nearby. This particular pond used to be home to some beautiful swans. Unfortunately on this day, they were nowhere to be found. I’ll post more interesting bits about this park in a future post.


26 thoughts on “Not Exactly Wildlife

    1. I heard differing stories about that. One version said that vandals either hurt or killed one or more of them, and therefore, the remaining ones were relocated. (I sure hope that’s not the real one, and I didn’t really want to put that in my post.) Another story is that they were removed in order to clean up the pond area. I don’t know if either of these rumours are true.


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