Mixing With the Right Crowd

Mixing With the Right Crowd

I’m glad nature doesn’t seem to hold to segregation of the species, at least not in this place. Here, we see geese, ducks, pigeons, and sparrows, all content to forage together.  I’m sure there were gulls nearby too. If only humans had such tolerance.
I’m certain, though, if their offspring were under threat by another form of wildlife, these birds would become very protective, but that’s the God placed instinct of the animal world, and humankind alike.

17 thoughts on “Mixing With the Right Crowd

  1. Candice, I like your distinction between defending ‘my space’ and defending my offspring (as a parent). If we get stuck in the defensive mode, our children won’t learn to survive as one among many in a multi-cultural world or community.

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  2. You are so right Candice. If we could all look past color and beliefs and just love and accept like the animals do, I believe the world be so much brighter. We can all agree to disagree without hate. Oh and I love the photo. You find such unique ones!

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