Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge

Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge

I’ve found another weather vane in Regina, enabling me to take part in the Weather Vane Wednesday photo challenge for a second time. A bison stands atop this weather vane located in the front garden of a home in a nearby neighbourhood.

Huge herds of bison roamed the prairies a couple of hundred years ago, and were almost hunted to extinction. Thankfully, the bison population has increased significantly enough to be taken off the endangered species list. The prairie province of Manitoba features a bison on its provincial coat of arms.

The Photo Challenge: Each Wednesday, Timeless Lady at  Minding My P’s With Q posts a photograph of a Weather Vane with a short description of where it can be found, and any history connected to it. Anyone is welcome to to join in.




14 thoughts on “Weather Vane Wednesday Challenge

      1. I think of them as being quite old-fashioned, like a lot of other things that I saw more when I was a kid, but not much now. Your post has made me think, and seriously there is not one single weather vane that I can think of that I could just go to and photograph. You’ll have me looking out for them now!

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  1. Oh My! It’s sensational. I love the ones that are really unique and you’ve found one.Thanks so much for taking part. I’ll leave a link to your post in next week’s Weather Vane Challenge. Love it!

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