Pelicans & Geese

Pelicans & Geese

This park has a wealth of feathered friends in the summer. Some of my favourite birds to watch are the pelicans. Though they are large, they are graceful fliers.


The geese are ever-present, and take ownership of the park areas that suit them.  This group lined up nicely for their photo.


Of course, many more species frequent the park, as it is part of the Wascana Migratory Bird Sanctuary. On the list are terns, wrens, blackbirds, killdeer, sandpipers, swallows, sparrows, and herons to name a few. I’m not quick enough to get pictures of the more timid birds that scatter as soon as I’m within 20 feet. I must think about investing in a zoom lens!

14 thoughts on “Pelicans & Geese

  1. Lovely, Candice! I love being among our avian friends. I am lucky enough to be walking distance to Central Park, a way station for aquatic birds as well. I have a pelican post upcoming btw!

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  2. I see most pelicans when we go to Jamaica. That reminds me of a sight we saw last year that I never blogged about…a pelican riding with a man on his small fishing boat out in the ocean. I wonder if I can find the photograph. Thanks for jogging my memory Candice.

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