Moments in Montreal (Part III)

Moments in Montreal (Part III)

When visiting Montreal in October for work I had a chance to briefly tour Old Montreal.


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Many old buildings and cobblestone streets are found in Old Montreal. Some new structures have been built right around the old. Scaffolding was a common sight, and many of the streets were under repair. One thing that impressed me was the use of light to highlight some of the architecture. I would have loved more time to explore this part of the city.



10 thoughts on “Moments in Montreal (Part III)

  1. I am quite jealous Candice. The city is steeped in history and it is right in our back yard. (If your yard is incredibly huge and mostly empty) I will seriously consider a trip to Montreal one day. FOr a person with such a discerning eye like yourself it must have been sensory overload!

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