Memory of the Month VII

Memory of the Month VII

I started my blog on June 24, 2017. It’s been a very interesting endeavour. I thank every reader for visiting, You have made the journey fun! For each like, comment, and follow, you are appreciated more than you could know. Since some of my early posts only had three or four views, I’m reposting one per month that was special to me. Here’s my Memory of the Month for January. (Originally posted on September 22, 2017)

A Seat With a View

A Seat With a View

I walked on a hiking trail one lovely summer morning. Several of these rustic benches were situated in spots where the views were particularly serene. Enjoying the  beauty of nature is a very satisfying experience, as long as the mosquitoes aren’t biting!


19 thoughts on “Memory of the Month VII

  1. Yes, I had a place like this when I was a young teenager. Seeing your spot takes me back there in the flick of a mind. I imagine now that I’d take a bottle of wine with me down to the pond — as we called it — with a glass and a book, and read, sip, think, and probably doze, the day away. I wish I understood how to do that then.

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