Crafting With the Grandkids

Crafting With the Grandkids

I have a tradition of taking crafts and activities to enjoy with the grandchildren when we visit. I love these special times to bond with them. On one of our recent trips we made ballerinas, and fleece pillows. The inspiration for the ballerina canvases came from a blog post on Patty Thurlby’s site, Of course, ours were made with coloured tissue paper, and our canvases were tissue covered foam core pieces, but I think they turned out rather nicely. The quote on the banner is, “And when you get the choice to sit out or dance, I hope you dance”, from the song by Lee Ann Womack.
Our other activity was fleece pillows, about eight inches in diameter. We had two versions, one, the plaid seen here, the other with unicorns and other fairy tale images.  We did a simple running stitch around the edges, which is great for beginners, stuffed, and voilà, heart shaped pillows.
I hope my grandchildren never stop asking, ” Grandma, did you bring crafts?”

21 thoughts on “Crafting With the Grandkids

  1. Oh these are lovely, Candice… and what wonderful memories your grandchildren will have of you preparing such fun things to do with them. Not to mention, all the lovely souvenirs they will have to treasure over the years… My grandmothers weren’t crafty, but I cherish the memory of music from one and the memory of books from the other. Thank you for taking me back to a wonderful time of my childhood when love was simply poured all over me… Hope you have a great day…xoxo 🥰

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  2. This is great, Candice 🙂 Helping children develop an interest in crafting is an awesome gift! We do the same with Chéri’s nephew and niece, and I think they really love it too… Instead of games or toys, we always get something to craft with them for birthdays and Christmas 🙂 Fun times!! Both your ballerinas and your pillow look really good! xx

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    1. Thanks. One of my granddaughters made about six of the pillows. She was giving them out to her friends as Valentines.
      Sorry my reply is so late. I posted this one in the wrong spot before. 😔

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