On the Road

On the Road

Part two of a series based on a recent trip to British Columbia in May with my husband.

Our hosts met us at the Abbotsford airport, and drove us to their home in Chilliwack. They showed us a wonderful time, taking us to a new location every day. The five day visit was full of amazing experiences and scenery. The snow-capped mountains, the lush green foliage, and the vividly coloured blooms were a lovely welcome to British Columbia.

At one of our stops we spied this broken carving, which seemed strangely out of place at this location.
And many other interesting sights made these times on the road, travels of discovery.
IMG_1931Stay tuned for more of our visit to this lovely province!



14 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Lovely pictures. I see our province anew through your eyes, Candice! Vancouver proper (where we live) has priced most but the super-rich out. Abbotsford has become a major hub and is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Canada. We go there for the airshow every summer, held at the airport.

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  2. I love the name Chilliwack! The place is a natural to sponsor an annual limerick contest. 😁. Now I will spend my evening trying to find things to fit with “There once was a young man from Chilliwack . . . “

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