Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs

Part three of a series based on a recent trip to British Columbia in May with my husband.

This little resort town is a popular gem located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Its one main street is bordered by cafes, and little shops, like this one, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Flowers were blooming in abundance, even though it was the first week of May.


Various sculptures are found throughout the area.
Sasquatch is a prominent subject here, murals included.




The Harrison Hot Springs Resort has a beautiful lobby, complete with beautiful columns, and an exquisite piano.


I was amused by these tiny stuffed toys. They were on the railing that surrounds an outdoor restaurant. I hope whoever left them there remembered to come back and retrieve them. I think they look a little anxious about being left behind, don’t you?

16 thoughts on “Harrison Hot Springs

  1. We go here once every summer! It is a paradise, 2 hours east of Vancouver, but boy does it get crowded July/Aug! Lovely pics – you do it justice! Did you go in the springs?

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  2. Wow! There may be some similarities between Australia and Canada – but we don’t have lakes or mountains like you do. Question: do the people who live in the city understand what the rest of Canada is like? Many Australians have never set foot on anything outside the city and suburbs.

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  3. Great question! Canada is a vast country, so many people are only able to experience a small part of all there is here. I for one, had never been past the western half of Canada until recently. I’ll be posting about my trip to our eastern provinces soon. Traveling can be expensive, so seeing all of our huge country might be out of reach for most of us.


  4. Wow. Because we’re Frasers (thanks to D), we’ve spent some time in the Fraser Valley–and have driven across Canada as well, and vacationed in Nova Scotia and Toronto. Canada has an amazing combination of habitats and cultures. My mother graduated from a Bible institute (Prairie Bible Institute) way back in the 1930s. So of course, we had to visit there, too! Your photos make me want to take a return trip–highly unlikely, though I can still dream…. 🙂

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  5. We loved BC, and we just came back from a trip down east. Watch my next several posts for more of BC and the Maritimes. Canada has such a huge variety of landscapes and treasures to see. I hope I am lucky enough to see more. We know many people who went to Prairie Bible Institute. I am glad to hear you were able to visit there. I hope my future photos can bring you to Canada, even though it will be virtually!


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