Discovery Trail

Discovery Trail

Part five in a series based on a recent trip to British Columbia in May with my husband.

The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve is a place where nature has been preserved, and left undisturbed for the most part.
The winding trails loop throughout the wetland area where almost 100 nests of Great Blue Heron are located. The birds don’t migrate, and being an endangered species it’s important that these areas remain protected.

The cycle of nature can be seen here. Plants and trees die, and rot, providing fertile soil for new ones to grow and take their place.
All kinds of life make their home here. Ducks, turtles, beavers, mink, otters, and salmon have been spotted. I was able to photograph some frogs. Can you spot both of them in the picture below?
We passed a pond on the day we were there. The water was so calm that the trees and sunshine reflected beautifully on it’s mirror like surface.
This is a beautiful, serene place, a place where one can experience creation first hand, a place that must be preserved.

14 thoughts on “Discovery Trail

  1. This looks like a very serene place for sure. Loved the reflections in the water. Found only one frog in your photo. Maybe I need new glasses. Ha

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