Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part I: New Brunswick At Last

Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part I: New Brunswick At Last


I had looked forward to this trip for seven months, and finally the time had come. My husband and I were going to eastern Canada to get a sampling of three of the country’s maritime provinces. On June 1, we landed in New Brunswick at the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport, which is actually located at Dieppe. We were then shuttled off to Shediac, where I was going to have to attend three days of meetings before our real holiday could begin. We were able to take a walk after the first day of meetings and got a taste of this town.
The rhododendrons were in bloom. Beautiful!
ship on house
Many yards and houses displayed sailing themed decorations.
ship in yard 2
Some trees caught my eye. These, with the trunks twisted together, and another with lips puckered up and ready for a kiss.

We made our way to John Lyons Park.
John Lyons park sign
The grass  was wet, and a little overgrown in some places, as the area had been getting a lot of rain. There was a row of birdhouses near the shore. When I’d near one with a bird in the entrance, the bird would fly to the hole of another birdhouse in the line. I think it was trying to draw me away from the actual birdhouse where it was nesting.
JL park birdhouse
The coastline was a little craggy, yet beautiful. I could have spent a lot more time there, but we had to get back to the hotel, and meet my colleagues for dinner at one of the local Shediac restaurants, Gabriele.
looking out from JL park 2
Our last look at the ocean for today.

7 thoughts on “Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part I: New Brunswick At Last

  1. Lovely pics. I have never been further east in Canada than Kenora! It is a different vibe out there in the Maritimes than here on the Pacific Rim.
    Dig your new profile pic – lookin good!

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  2. Thanks, Wilt! I hope you get a chance to go to the east coast. It’s really something special. Thanks for noticing my profile pic. It was taken on our trip to BC.


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