Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part IV: Lobster Tales

Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part IV: Lobster Tales

One of the highlights of our recent trip to the Canadian Maritimes was a bay cruise out of Shediac. Our host was a retired lobster fisherman, who kept us thoroughly entertained with his humourous stories. We were treated to either a lobster, or barbecued chicken meal as we toured the bay. Along with the fun and food, we were given a lesson on how to eat a lobster the “Acadian way”, and also everything you could ever want to know about lobsters.
bay - skull island
This island is actually called Skull Island!
ships in harbour
The harbour from the bay. The lighthouse is on the right, and two police boats were anchored there.
police boat
The harbour from the other side.

An old style lobster trap, and a new style trap with the catch of the day.

Some of the decor on our boat.

Back at the dock, we toured the area a little, and saw other boats tied up for the night.

One of the harbour buildings was built to look like a ship, complete with a crow’s nest above, and a pirate in front.

Before we left, we of course had to visit the gift shop, where we signed the guest book. I liked the friendliness, and the sense of humour here, evident even on the shop’s counter. My next posts will take you along to other stops on our holiday, as we bid farewell to Shediac, New Brunswick.

17 thoughts on “Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part IV: Lobster Tales

  1. Fabulous pictures, Candice. Really made me feel I was there – the sights and the smells! Do you have any thoughts on the vibe East vs West coast, having visited both? I would be hard pressed NOT to live near the ocean, having lived near one 80% of my life!

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    1. It’s amazing how different the west coast is from the east. I haven’t seen the rugged parts of the BC coast, but from the pictures I’ve seen, they would be amazing to see. Next visit to BC we’re going to Vancouver Island, and I hear it’s beautiful there. I absolutely fell in love with Nova Scotia, and would go back in a minute should the opportunity arise. We have something for everyone in this terrific country!


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