Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part V: Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part V: Prince Edward Island

On our recent trip to Eastern Canada, we made a point of visiting Prince Edward Island. Many visitors fall in love with this, the smallest province in Canada. It was the birthplace of the author, Lucy Maud (L.M.) Montgomery, who wrote Anne of Green Gables, and many fans of the book visit the site of her family home in New London, PEI.

To get to Prince Edward Island from the mainland, there are two options. One option is the ferry. The other is Confederation Bridge. We opted for the bridge, which spans the 12.9 km (8 mile) long divide. There is no charge to enter PEI when crossing the bridge, but leaving the island a toll of $47.50 CAD is collected, probably to help with the cost of maintaining the bridge.
The peaceful landscapes are appropriate for the laid back style of this place.
red soil
One thing I found very different from my prairie home, was the colour of the soil. It is a rusty red, compared to the black soil of Saskatchewan.

seaside 2
We passed the The Great Island Science and Adventure Park. It was designed and built by the owners, and a fun place to visit during its heyday. Unfortunately, the park had to close in 2008, after 20 years of operation, due to the economics of the time. It now lays abandoned with many of its deteriorating exhibits still in place.
Adventure Park
Brackley beach 3
This is Brackley Beach. It was my favourite site in Prince Edward Island. The sand was as fine as salt, and the dunes were spectacular. The beach is found in the PEI National Park, and is a protected area. The dune grass, that holds the dunes in place, is sensitive to being flattened, so the way to and from the beach, is by way of the provided boardwalks. No pets are permitted here, as it’s a nesting area for the endangered Piping Plover.

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Don’t worry. I took these photos from the boardwalk that overlooks the beach.

coastal culture
cows ice cream

We stopped at Gateway Village before leaving the island, on June 5th, but the shops hadn’t yet opened for the tourist season. We were told that Cow’s Ice Cream was the best in the country, but we’d have to find another location to test that claim.

17 thoughts on “Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part V: Prince Edward Island

  1. A beautiful place! I love the idea of the toll – come here for free but if you want to leave, pay up. 😀

    The red soil is something also seen in some parts of the southeast US like Tennessee and Georgia – I was fascinated the first time I saw it.

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  2. Beautiful area. Love Anne of Green Gables. Have never been to Prince Edward Island – so thanks for sharing all your photos and information about this lovely place.

    Liked by 3 people

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