Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part VIII: On the Way to…

Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part VIII: On the Way to…

We experienced varied weather conditions on our recent trip to Atlantic Canada. From day to day, we didn’t know if there would be rain, fog, cloudy skies, or sunshine.
NS highway - trees
This day was bright and sunny. The trees on either side of the highway displayed many colours of green and yellow.

countrycountry red soil
The sky was heavy with cloud this day, and intermittent rains.
rainy drive
And on this day, it rained continuously, throughout the whole drive.

happy sun
When the rain stopped, and the sun came out, we felt a little like this happy, sunny guy!

curious deer
A deer made a brief appearance, eyed us curiously, then disappeared into the bush.

On the prairies, dandelions are a bane to lawn growers everywhere, but in the maritimes, it seems as though the residents let the dandelions take over.

NS windmills
Another common sight were the windmills generating electric energy.

through a misty window
The foliage was sometimes sparse, and sometimes thick.

crossing Angus L. Macdonald Bridge
Crossing the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge to Halifax after we took a wrong turn, and ended up in Dartmouth by mistake.

wayside farm
Sights like these, made our drives interesting, no matter the weather.

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