Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part XI: Havre Boucher

Our recent trip to Eastern Canada enabled us to sample the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. After our visit to the Lunenburg area, we traveled to Havre Boucher, a village at the northern end of Nova Scotia’s mainland, located in the County of Antigonish. It was raining upon our arrival, but the skies cleared long enough for us to tour a bit of the area around this location.

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The beach above is part of a clean-up project by the residents. Most of the debris has been cleared away, but workdays are scheduled regularly to complete the task. The sign on the concrete slab was a notification of an upcoming workday.
havre boucher beach conservation 4
A view of the beach from another angle.

havre boucher mailboxSome sights caught my fancy, like this combination flowerpot, mailbox, and weather vane.

havre boucher rural
Content cows near an ocean cove.

cow signA cow crossing sign?

little harbour
The ever-present boats, fishing shacks…
havre boucher traps
… and lobster traps.
The rain was threatening to start again, so it was off to our bed and breakfast reservation in Havre Boucher, Rest Ashored.
We were lulled to sleep by the constant patter of the falling rain.
Havre Boucher B n B
The following morning we were treated to a lovely breakfast, and an awesome view, that was pretty much obscured by fog. Our plan for this day, was to explore Cape Breton Island, but we almost decided to cancel. Our hostess informed us that the weather forecast predicted that the fog would soon lift, so we set off for Cape Breton!
Havre Boucher view

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