Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part XIV: Maritime Churches

Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part XIV: Maritime Churches

I was impressed by the number of old churches still in use in Atlantic Canada. Many of the same type of church buildings on the prairies have been replaced with a newer, updated style of church.
St Johns Presbyterian church
St. John Presbyterian Church with its beautifully kept grounds.
St Andrews church
Above, St. Andrews Church, with its boarded up bell tower, and below, a war memorial and the adjacent graveyard.
memorialSt Andrews graveyard
St John the Evangelist churchSt. John the Evangelist Church.

St James church
St. James Catholic Church.

Lunenberg church
A Lunenburg church.
another church 2another church
I wasn’t able to identify these last two churches. We saw many more, but I would have had to trespass on private property to get the shot, so needless to say, those churches were left undocumented.

One last photo for this post: a church converted into a thrift shop. Unfortunately it was closed when we passed by.

pink church collectables

9 thoughts on “Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part XIV: Maritime Churches

  1. It’s interesting how similar some of these designs are to Texas country churches. The Anglican always have red somewhere, and the Presbyterians have square towers. The Lutherans and Catholic are similar here. If I thought this was Texas, I’d say the next-to-last was Lutheran.


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