July at the Park

July at the Park

I spent some time in the park during July. There was a lot of activity to grab my attention. The picture above shows a goose with, count them, twelve goslings! The family parade was making its way up from the lake.

park dragon boats 2
Some park employees were busy arranging the venue for the Dragon Boat Festival and Races. The race lanes, for the 48 foot long boats, were marked with white buoys. This event has been part of Regina’s summer activities for 28 years, attracting 200 teams, consisting of over 2000 racers, and 20,000 spectators.

park twin ducks
Much of the bird population was cooling off in the water. These twin ducks paddled happily along the shore. A lone pelican was too far away to get a good shot as it swam in circles mid-lake.

Apparently the “love locks” tradition is alive and well in this park. You can read about what love locks are, here. Every so often the park maintenance crew removes the locks, but eventually the fence is visited by more couples, and more locks are displayed there.

14 thoughts on “July at the Park

  1. Interesting to learn how popular the dragon boat races are in Regina, Candice. Colorado Springs just hosted national championships, and there was little advertisement, and very few spectators attended. My husband and I happened to drive past the lake where the event took place, and we were fascinated by the boats and the crews.

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