Did You See My Ride? – V

Did You See My Ride? – V

I call this edition of “Did You See My Ride”, “Held Together With Tape, Rust, and Glue”.
I’m not sure what was used to “repair” the fender above. It almost looked like quick dry cement, or grey spackle. The rest of the car didn’t look much better. It did have a license plate, so I guess it’s still getting the owner from point A to point B.

big truckThis truck has seen some hard times, apparently through some pretty rough terrain, given the need for lift kit.

bumper tape
red light
mirrorDuct Tape seems to be a popular choice for car repairs.

old truck
vwAnd here, two more in the rusty category. They both had license plates, so they’re still on the road, doing their job.

carAnd finally, this one. The back looked just as bad as the front. Neither the trunk, nor the hood closed completely, and I was a little bewildered by the electrical tape on the headlights.

12 thoughts on “Did You See My Ride? – V

  1. A nice selection of seasoned road warriors. The mirror on the black car is the easiest fix for anyone with even a little skill at DIY.
    That rust repair has me scratching my head too.

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  2. These pictures actually made me feel better. My 2003 Odyssey van is held together by quite a bit of duct tape. Some my fault but a few hit and runs too. No, not ME doing the hit and runs. 😄

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