Did You See My Ride VI: Vintage Edition

Did You See My Ride VI: Vintage Edition

For all the car and truck fans out there, I managed to snap a few vintage vehicles that I hope you enjoy. The 1958 Corvette has been “modified”. I think I would prefer it in its original condition.

Then, I came across this truck, which had obviously been repainted. It was a beautiful shade of turquoise.
blue truck2

I saw the owner polishing his 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak. He was quite flattered when I asked if I could take a photo. He told me it was used by his father, as a travelling salesman, and was his pride and joy. Though it still runs fine, the body has been restored, and the owner plans restore the inside as well.
48 pontiac silver streak1
48 pontiac silver streak
Isn’t it a beauty!?

12 thoughts on “Did You See My Ride VI: Vintage Edition

  1. The Chevy pickup is nice, but the Pontiac is my pick. I believe the 48 Pontiac was the lowest priced car to offer a fully automatic transmission when the original GM Hydra Matic was made optional.

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    1. I didn’t realize automatic transmissions were available that far back. I can remember my mom, quite a small lady, driving our 51 Plymouth, with standard transmission, and no power brakes or steering. I think it was quite a workout.

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