16 thoughts on “A Walk at Dusk

  1. I appreciate the way your “photographer’s eye” seeks out scenes of peace, beauty and harmony in the world around you. As on many other occasions, your shots are like a healthy tonic.

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  2. What peaceful photographs. I almost imagine myself on the walk with you. I walk in the morning most times…I think with the earlier sunsets now, I need to take a few walks after dinner for a season.

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  3. I love the pictures too! I’ve learned that, despite myself, I prefer sunrises over sunsets. Hear me out! Over the years, I have worked more early morning jobs, and have simply become inured to the sunrise. I almost never sleep in (I wished I could) and am up by 730am at the latest on a day off. There is another quality to sunrises. They both have that ‘magic hour’ quality, which filmmakers and photographers love. Sunrises seem to have a quality of hope and freshness to them. I also like the fact that most folks are sleeping and I have the sunrise to myself. Lots of eyes on sunsets. 😀

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