?? The Earth is Flat ??

?? The Earth is Flat ??

I wasn’t quite sure what to think about this display. Check out the website, flatearth101.com advertised on the poster. I can’t determine if the concept is tongue in cheek, or serious, but this fellow was eager to get his point across to any passerby who’d listen.

29 thoughts on “?? The Earth is Flat ??

  1. Oh wow… I checked out the web site, and I just can’t believe all the time that these people put into ”proving” that the Earth is flat. I’d have two questions for them… How does the oceans’ water stay on our flat planet, and not spill from its edge? And how come no one has been to the edge and taken back pictures of it? Are we really in 2020? ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. I have always thought that most of these flat-earthers are just pranksters trying to have fun frustrating everyone. But there are probably a few believers. If you make up your own facts, you can prove anything.

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  3. I’m certain the earth isn’t flat, but I’m equally certain that there are people who believe it is. There are certain AM radio programs running in the middle of the night that are full of them. See also: Sasquatch, Area 51, crop circles, and aliens.

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  4. Great post! After watching the Netflix doc (BEHIND THE CURVE) on the subject, I can understand the power of such beliefs, as wrongheaded as they seem. This is cut from the same cloth as those who are anti vaccine, or don’t believe C19 is real. Not to belabour the point, and I’ll leave explanations to those qualified to, these beliefs are tied inextricably to identity. I would rather hear them out than drown them out with evidence to the contrary. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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    1. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, even if they seem ridiculous to others. I do have a problem with propaganda that belittles vaccines, and the idea that Covid isnโ€™t real. These put individuals at risk.

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  5. Hilarious, if it weren’t so true (that there are believers in a flat earth). Also believers in many other denials of reality sitting before their eyes. I often wonder what motivates such zeal and (too often) anger.

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