Animal Sightings

Animal Sightings

In autumn, the squirrels get busy preparing for winter. This one didn’t quite trust me as I neared. He paused on his way up the tree to give me the eye.

Then ran up to safety, still eyeing me with suspicion. Can you see him way up there?

This hare has made it his habit to sit at the base of our condo’s sign. Though he didn’t run away as I passed, he was prepared to bolt if I ventured too close.

photos taken in October 2020

Animals of the city are accustomed to humans. They share the space with us, but they’ve also learned to be cautious when we’re nearby.

11 thoughts on “Animal Sightings

  1. Great wildlife shots, Candice! Or not so wild as semi-domesticated. Tree squirrels are clever as all get out – their complex environment is responsible. Ground squirrels brains actually expand in fall to keep track of the many nuts they have hidden or buried. 90% are recovered, this according to a PBS nature program I recently watched. heh, bet you weren’t prepared for an educational comment, Candice!

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