Architectural Art

Architectural Art

My home city doesn’t have much in the way of outstanding architecture, but we do have a mix of old and new styles. I especially like the details on some of the older buildings like the coat of arms on the examples above and below.

Of course there are some ultra modern buildings covered with mirror-like glass.

There are a few old style churches that have undergone expansion and restoration throughout the years, and our legislative building has undergone extensive rehabilitation, including the replacement of the copper dome four years ago, that has now darkened to its permanent colour.

Here’s a close-up of the detailed sculpture above the columns.

The Legislative building was started in 1908, and someday I’ll have to do a post on its elegant interior.

This isn’t really architecture, but I love the ironwork on this door, the decorative tiles and marble on the entry floor, and the aged brick facade.
I love to find new examples of artistry and creativity in local buildings, and wonder about what inspired the architects and builders.

10 thoughts on “Architectural Art

  1. Photographing old buildings must be like photographing old cars as I like to do. The old ones up to maybe the early-mid 60s have little details everywhere that you can shoot one after the other. By the mid 70s, once you get past the overall shape there’s nothing else that warrants a close-in shot.

    The old buildings have eye candy everywhere. The new ones seem to be big expanses of steel, concrete and glass that are really photogenic from 30 yards but not so at all up close.

    I look forward to more!

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