Card Crafting

Card Crafting

I’ve been dabbling in card making and junk journal creation of late. In 2020, many family members received a hand-crafted box card that I tried to match to their individual taste and interests. Here’s a sampling of my efforts, which I can now show, since the cards have all been opened by their recipients.

Tea Party

Now I have to get to work on the batch for 2021!

31 thoughts on “Card Crafting

    1. Thanks! There are many tutorials online and I read through a couple of them to figure out how to make the basic box, which folds flat for mailing in a business sized envelope. Then, I just made the other pieced paper elements using clip art or my own drawings.


  1. Gorgeous! I admire your work very much as I wouldn’t have the patience. Especially love the Tea Party and the Butterflies/Flowers and was pretty keen on the turtles/bulrushes which you probably call cattails (?) So fun to see these.

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  2. Candice, this is a beautiful blog!! And your are an awesome artist and writer and poet. I found this as I was searching around getting ideas for my author website. I published JOURNEY GIRL: Steps in Secrets and Sanctuary, a memoir about reclaiming a lost mother into my family heritage, with chapter Islands of Silence for readers for soft moments of quiet and centering. I love your blog and creative activities.

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    1. My goodness! My card making doesn’t hold a candle to those who post on Pinterest, and certainly doesn’t measure up to the awesome art you share. I’m very flattered though. 😌


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