Snowman’s Land

We’ve had a lot of snow recently that was perfect for making snowmen, as evidenced by the examples found in the neighbourhood. The snowmen range from small and dainty…

to those wearing jaunty headwear…

To some that sit on top of a snowbank…

A little quirky…
Is this a snowman, or an octopus?

a snowman whose buttons, mouth and eyes fell out onto the snow…

And my favourite, the Covid-19 snowman.

13 thoughts on “Snowman’s Land

  1. Delightful snowpeople! We are in for some snow this weekend, a rarity for Vancouver, as you know. Having lived here for so many years, it has all but erased memories of twelve years of Winnipeg weather. As it is, one must drive up the mountains, Seymour or Cypress, to experience snow.

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  2. That is one of the things I so much miss from being raised in the North. making our snowmen! And snow families and igloos. It was such a wonderful thing! thank you for sharing these. They rekindled my memories on how much I loved those snowy building days!

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