Seasons of Remembrance

Seasons of Remembrance

Sometimes people leave items and decorations on objects in the park. This may show their sentimental attachment to, or respect for, what one of the many memorials scattered throughout the area represents. Someone provided this memorial statue with a scarf for winter. I’ve posted about this particular monument before, but it was summer, and it was unadorned at the time. The reason for this memorial is heartbreaking. I hope nothing like this ever happens again.

Another memorial in the park – I don’t know how old this child was, or the circumstances surrounding his death, but many have left tokens of remembrance. These two photos were taken in the summer.

And for Christmas, someone has decorated the nearby tree with ornaments.

These tokens show that though some may be gone, they are never forgotten.

8 thoughts on “Seasons of Remembrance

    1. I think it’s essential to have public memorials to remember events that would otherwise be forgotten, and maybe repeated. Personal memorials speak of how much a person was loved.


  1. The addition of the scarf is especially touching. Roadside memorials to those who’ve perished in auto accidents are common here. It’s interesting to see the individuality. Some are quite simple, while others are highly decorated. I saw a woman tending to one last week; it’s the first time I’ve seen someone doing that, but most are so neat and tidy someone is taking care of them.

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