The Competition: Part III

The Competition: Part III

Here is the next reveal in the competition between my daughter and I. You can see part one here, which explains the concept of our little contest. Part two can be seen here. My theme was guessed correctly by a perceptive reader: steampunk!

My ladder, table and small cabinet
My easy chair

Next, some items from my daughter’s project. You can see that her theme is quite different from mine.

After she gave me a few hints, I was able to guess her theme. I’m not going to give it away yet. We’ll see if my readers can guess correctly without hints!

My next competition post will show my completed project. Stay tuned.

22 thoughts on “The Competition: Part III

    1. That laptop is amazing! I would totally get one if I could afford it. Your guess is good, but that’s not my daughter’s theme. More about the competition, and some hints to come in the future.


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