Feathered Skaters

Feathered Skaters

While walking through the park on March 28, during that in-between time, when winter is not quite over, and spring has not quite arrived, the geese were happily swimming in what open water they could find. In other areas, it was comical to see the geese slipping and sliding on the icy portions of the pond, as they chased one another. I couldn’t tell if the geese were “skating” on purpose or not, and I’m sorry I don’t have a video to show. It was certainly a smile worthy few moments!

8 thoughts on “Feathered Skaters

  1. Funny to see them doing this. At times the little lake by our house freezes over and the geese do walk around on it. Most all the Canada geese have flown north at this time though. 🙂

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