How Many is Too Many?

How Many is Too Many?



Have you ever noticed that some things are just a little overdone? There seem to be a few too many sunflowers in front of the house in the photo above. 

This front yard seems to have a few too many decorations.

This commercial compound seems to be stockpiling firewood for the next few decades. The pile lines the majority of the fence about three feet wide, and reaches about eight feet in height!

I’d love to see photos from other bloggers that show things a little over the top or over done.

18 thoughts on “How Many is Too Many?

  1. One man’s overdone is another person’s heaven. I agree though…I make myself be very careful about lawn decorations. I could easily go over the top.

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      1. Yes I would Candice, that’s just what I was pondering on in order to take up your challenge! But I dunno that I’ve got any. I know one garden that would be ideal but it’s a long way from here and we’re rarely in that location. I’ll keep your question in mind though!

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  2. I went outside for a drive and forgot I had put a cake in the oven and when I returned it was over done but I threw it away before I took a photograph because I didn’t know, beforehand, that you would require photographic proof.

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