The Competition: Part IV

The Competition: Part IV

Here is the next reveal in the competition between my daughter and I. You can see part one here, which explains the concept of our little contest. Part two can be found here, and Part three here.

This was the original miniature kit if made according to the included instructions.

And now, The reveal of my finished project!

(I know, the paint job on the base is a little messy.) I’ve included a quarter so you can see the scale, which is 1:24.

Below, the room with the lights on, and an overhead view.

I’ll post my daughter’s competition entry when she completes hers. She has had to take a break from the contest due to work obligations. Though we live miles away from each other, we’ve kept each other up to date on our progress via texts, Zoom meet-ups, and uploading images to One Drive. I hope you enjoyed joining in the fun.

17 thoughts on “The Competition: Part IV

  1. I enjoy steam punk, great choice and really fun. I’m curious about the armchair which is a red colour in the kit and dark in yours. Were you able to get a dark one or have you somehow modified the original?

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    1. I used some faux leather material scraps that I had in my fabric stash for the chair. That was one of many modifications I made to the original kit. Bits and bobs from my craft bin were used to make the steampunk type machines, and I had a little china tea set with a cup and saucer that was a perfect size to put on the table. I couldn’t figure out how to make the led lights look quite right though. I’m glad you liked my project!

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    1. The kit contains things I didn’t use, and I created some of the pieces with items from my craft stash to go along with my steampunk theme. Other things I modified, such as using faux leather for the chair, using different book covers, and painting the majority of the “furniture”. So glad you like the finished product.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been working on a couple of “book nooks”. They are mini dioramas for placing on book shelves between the books. Much the same scale as my competition project.

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