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The Competition: Part II

The Competition: Part II

Here is the next reveal in the competition between my daughter and I. You can see part one here, which explains the concept of our little contest.

Part one with added elements
Part two with added elements
Part three with added elements
Part four
Part five
All together now….first five parts

Can you guess my theme now?

The Competition

The Competition

For Christmas, my older daughter gave my younger daughter a do-it-yourself kit, that when constructed, becomes a miniature library/study. The picture below shows the finished product if all instructions in the guide included with the kit are followed to the letter.

Sam’s Study: the kit available on Amazon

I liked the kit, as did my older daughter. She thought it would be great fun to purchase one for me, as well as for herself, then have a competition while we build, and it seemed like a good way to relieve some of the boredom brought about by the pandemic. We were to decide on a theme for our rooms and construct ours with that theme in mind. Of course this meant our rooms would not look like the picture when finished. Elements of the build were given a timeframe in which to complete, and the categories in which to gain points would be skill and detail, creativity, and humour. The judge, my younger daughter, would score points based on these categories.
I thought, since I’m very short on blog subject inspiration, I’d let you follow the progress of my entries, and ultimately let you know who won. Below are my first two entries for the competition. Unfortunately, one piece on the second bookshelf was warped, thus it looks a little off-balance. I don’t suppose anyone will be able to guess the theme of my room until it’s completed, but I hope you enjoy following the competition as it progresses.

part one
part two
Notice: It’s Cold Here

Notice: It’s Cold Here

The sky offers many beautiful and strange sights. The Milky Way, a myriad of cloud formations, rainbows, the Aurora Borealis, displays of lightning, eclipses, and harvest moons to name a few. One sight, not always welcome, is the appearance of sun dogs. They usually indicate icy cold weather, at least here on the Saskatchewan prairies.

photo above by Nancy Maloney

According to Wikipedia, sun dogs are commonly caused by the refraction and scattering of light from plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals either suspended in high and cold cirrus or cirrostratus clouds, or drifting in freezing moist air at low levels as diamond dust.[2] The crystals act as prisms, bending the light rays passing through them with a minimum deflection of 22°. As the crystals gently float downwards with their large hexagonal faces almost horizontal, sunlight is refracted horizontally, and sun dogs are seen to the left and right of the Sun.

Whatever the cause of this awesome phenomena, it’s beautiful!

Going Home

While riding home after a visit with our daughter last August, I was moved by the sights we passed on the highway, and was inspired to write a little poem.

The asphalt ribbon lies ahead,
Mile upon country mile.

Field and sky melt together,
On the distant prairie horizon.

Pumpjacks bow toward the earth,
Urging the ground to surrender its treasure.

Crops of canola, sunflowers, and grain,
Lift their golden heads toward the sun.

Rail cars await the prairie bounty,
To share with neighbours far and wide.

Weathered barns sag, abandoned,
Left to rot in the sun, wind, and rain.

We pass these familiar scenes,
As we make our way home.

Our prairie home.