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Alley Door Art Project – Part I

Alley Door Art Project – Part I

My next few posts are going to feature the works of provincial artists that were chosen to be part of the city of Regina’s Alley Door Art Project. The doors are located in the downtown district, and are a lovely change from the usual gang graffiti and that of vandals.

door art

door art2
door art4
door art5
door art7
door art6

Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers

One of my favourite things about summer is the floral bounty found everywhere. Here are some samples for you to enjoy.flower beds
The city plants pots and beds overflowing with colour and scent.


Of course many homeowners make their neighbourhoods more beautiful with theirĀ  plantings.
Even some plants, considered weeds, can be quite pretty.

pretty weeds3
pretty weeds
Too soon, the flowers will disappear and be replaced by the beauty of autumn.

More Murals

More Murals

More and more murals are popping up in the city. Here are a few samples.

I’m not sure what the guy above is concocting, but it looks pretty ominous.

alley art3
alley art2Here’s a wonderful tribute to the man who started a restaurant that’s been family owned for over fifty years. The building has been a part of the city since the 1920s.

alley art
This mural depicts a corner in the downtown district of the city. It’s another example of art hidden in an alleyway.

alley art10
This artist has integrated the building’s fire escape into the finished product.

alley art4
And here, another example of graffiti art usually seen on train cars. I thought the talent of the artist was evident in the figure of the woman.

alley art11Finally, this mural was found outside a restaurant’s back door. I hope the cook enjoys his work as much as the fellow depicted here.