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Card Crafting

Card Crafting

I’ve been dabbling in card making and junk journal creation of late. In 2020, many family members received a hand-crafted box card that I tried to match to their individual taste and interests. Here’s a sampling of my efforts, which I can now show, since the cards have all been opened by their recipients.

Tea Party

Now I have to get to work on the batch for 2021!

Final Park Post 2020

Final Park Post 2020

This final walk of the season actually took place in late September. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the breeze was so light, not a hair was blown out of place. The geese were content, but one, was showing off. He was all black, a different breed than the usual Canada Goose we see here.

Here’s a close up of the fellow, flapping his wings. His feathers dark and wet, gleamed the sunlight. I must admit, he looked pretty majestic while flapping and strutting.

Another spot of interest was this fence that surrounds one of the many lake outlooks. It’s used by local couples to proclaim their devotion to each other, by fixing love locks to the wire. The caretakers regularly remove the many locks placed here throughout the season.

There weren’t many this day, but one lock in particular caught my eye.

Justin and Tiffany must have been quite the lovebirds.
But what’s this that someone has scratched into the metal?

SHE DOESN’T LOVE U, and a sad face.
Were they joking, or disillusioned with love?

A Little Bird Story

A Little Bird Story

Magpies are a familiar sight hereabouts. Seeing them always reminds me of a funny incident that took place when our youngest daughter was about five years old. She was interested in knowing the names of the various birds and animals she saw. One day, when she spied a magpie, she exclaimed, “Look! A cake bird.” That memory always brings me a smile. The magpie image above is by TheOtherKev from Pixabay, and it’s much better than my blurry, distant, shot to the left.


Other birds are prevalent too. Sparrows find the most unusual places to build their nests. I’ve posted about some of their chosen locations before. Here’s a new one to me: the opening to a dryer vent of an apartment building.sparrow2
The resident I was visiting assured me that there is a nest in there.

birds in dead tree2
Some birds like to survey their world from the highest available spot. This dead tree provided a nice vantage point for this red winged black bird.
Have you ever spotted a crow, swaying atop the uppermost branch of a fir tree? It seems they’d rather struggle to keep their high perch than sit on a lower, more stable branch.

Bird behaviour is interesting to observe. I’m glad many bloggers make them the subject of their posts.