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In My Neighbourhood

In My Neighbourhood

Material for blog posts is hard to come by when there are limitations on travel and most places are closed to the public. I looked to my neighbourhood and nearby places to find smile worthy sights. The residents of the home above must have been looking forward to a “Red Letter Day”.

sun gateThis gate was a reminder that warm, sunny, summer days were just ahead.

windowThis display was one of many I saw in during the season of Lent and Easter.

These leaves became a permanent part of the newly poured concrete walk. They looked almost like fossils.

haresThe hares, always present in my neighbourhood, were in different stages of their colour change in April. Some were still snow white, while others were brown, and still others were a little bit of both.

r and rWhat do you think this R & R stands for? Rest and Relaxation, Rock and Roll? I think it was probably painted on this cracked sidewalk by a city worker, meaning this section should be Removed and Replaced.

squirrelI was entertained by this squirrel as he was furiously digging nearby. What could he have been looking for?

Atlantic Tour Tidbits – Part XI: Havre Boucher

Our recent trip to Eastern Canada enabled us to sample the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. After our visit to the Lunenburg area, we traveled to Havre Boucher, a village at the northern end of Nova Scotia’s mainland, located in the County of Antigonish. It was raining upon our arrival, but the skies cleared long enough for us to tour a bit of the area around this location.

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The beach above is part of a clean-up project by the residents. Most of the debris has been cleared away, but workdays are scheduled regularly to complete the task. The sign on the concrete slab was a notification of an upcoming workday.
havre boucher beach conservation 4
A view of the beach from another angle.

havre boucher mailboxSome sights caught my fancy, like this combination flowerpot, mailbox, and weather vane.

havre boucher rural
Content cows near an ocean cove.

cow signA cow crossing sign?

little harbour
The ever-present boats, fishing shacks…
havre boucher traps
… and lobster traps.
The rain was threatening to start again, so it was off to our bed and breakfast reservation in Havre Boucher, Rest Ashored.
We were lulled to sleep by the constant patter of the falling rain.
Havre Boucher B n B
The following morning we were treated to a lovely breakfast, and an awesome view, that was pretty much obscured by fog. Our plan for this day, was to explore Cape Breton Island, but we almost decided to cancel. Our hostess informed us that the weather forecast predicted that the fog would soon lift, so we set off for Cape Breton!
Havre Boucher view

Noteworthy Mailbox Search

Noteworthy Mailbox Search

Have you ever noticed the vast number of creatively decorated mailboxes? I’ve been on the lookout lately for some eye catching examples. Above, a dog that the mailman doesn’t have to avoid.



This little cottage is for mail, but if the home owners ever get a new mailbox, they could take the door off, and I’m sure a feathered couple would love to take up residence.







It was nearing dusk (which explains the grainy image) when I noticed this mailbox. How ingenious to have the house number on it light up at night!





Here’s another adorable cottage mailbox.







And this example, a brightly painted “welcome friends”.





And this, a mailbox made to look like an old fashioned car, is quite an imaginative example.

How about you? Do you see unique, or noteworthy mailboxes in your travels? If so, I’d love to see a post about them!