Moments in Montreal (Part III)

Moments in Montreal (Part III)

When visiting Montreal in October for work I had a chance to briefly tour Old Montreal.


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Many old buildings and cobblestone streets are found in Old Montreal. Some new structures have been built right around the old. Scaffolding was a common sight, and many of the streets were under repair. One thing that impressed me was the use of light to highlight some of the architecture. I would have loved more time to explore this part of the city.


Memories of Christmas Past

Memories of Christmas Past

I remember as a child, Christmas was an event. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent at our house. My mother’s brothers, sisters, their spouses and kids, some of my dad’s siblings, spouses, and kids, and sometimes neighbours and friends, joined in the visiting, eating, singing, and gift giving on Christmas Eve. Santa would make an appearance (Uncle George, or Uncle Charlie), And my sister and I would get to open a couple of gifts, as did our cousins. Christmas Day was spent helping Mom get ready the turkey, and all the traditional fixings. The table would be set with the “good”  china, and real silverware. We’d say a traditional Scottish grace, pop the Christmas crackers, and don the paper crowns before digging in. Uncle Jimmy always thought it was funny to put one of the big turkey legs on my sister’s, or my plate. After supper, we kids would play with our new toys and games.

many of these memories were captured with an old movie camera, which I’ve had transferred to DVD. It’s the only way my grandchildren can get a real sense of those wonderful Christmases.

I want to wish all my fellow bloggers, followers, and readers a blessed Christmas and New Year!

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Winter has frozen the prairies,

The air is cold, skies are grey.

But in the back of my mind,

Are thoughts of sunshine and May.

When pots and gardens are planted,

And green shoots break through the soil,

An explosion of colour soon follows,

Rewarding the gardeners’ toil.

So until the arrival of spring,

When winter, to warmth must give way,

I’ll keep in my heart this reminder,

To fend off the doldrums today.




Moments in Montreal (Part II)

Moments in Montreal (Part II)

Montreal has a plethora of fine eating places. I was able to try out a few while there for work in October. The restaurant above was in Old Montreal — quaint, with wonderful food, and very accommodating staff. I wish I could remember the name, but unfortunately, it escapes me.


This amazing place is The House of Jazz. There is so much to see here. The chandeliers, the little and big sculptures, the antiques, all the eclectic accessories make the atmosphere really inviting. There is also live music, though I wasn’t able to stay late enough enjoy it. The “Blues Brothers” sit above the windows, and two large “dogs” sit on either side of the entrance. The food is also terrific. I would definitely go here again.

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The pictures above are from Les Enfants Terribles. The candlesticks are beautiful, but the view is what makes this place special. From 44 floors up, the city looks amazing!


The last special restaurant I had the opportunity to visit was Labarake. Their pumpkin soup was delicious, and the service was great, as it was in all the restaurants in which I had the privilege of dining.