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Moments in Montreal (Part IV)

Moments in Montreal (Part IV)

While visiting Montreal in October of 2018 for work, I saw interesting sights everywhere I looked. Here are a few I’d like to share. I was walking with others, and didn’t have enough time to get the names of these places. Above, Queen Victoria’s looking very regal.


I was impressed by the visual display in the windows of this building.


This guy’s looking pretty intense. He was in the vicinity of McGill University.


This gatepost is rusted and crumbling. The lantern is broken, and there’s a nest built inside.


I love all the turrets and chimneys on this building. It’s very impressive.


This is the facade of an art gallery. Again, I didn’t catch the name.


This building has a wonderful entrance. It used to be a theological college, and maybe still is.


This isn’t a good photo, but it’s the only one I got while waiting for the train. I had my first ride on the subway while in Montreal!


This is a wall in the entryway of the hotel. The picture doesn’t do this clock, mounted on a moss wall, justice.

253D8B9F-B7F0-42F1-B9E4-1E7A219948FEI saw many weathervanes, but I got very poor pictures of most of them. This was one that turned out.


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These photos were taken at the botanical gardens during their “Lanturns of Light.” Exhibition. It was cold and rainy, and if there’s one thing my phone doesn’t like, it’s cold and rain, so the battery quickly died. You’ll just have to imagine the rest of the displays.


Moments in Montreal (Part III)

Moments in Montreal (Part III)

When visiting Montreal in October for work I had a chance to briefly tour Old Montreal.


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Many old buildings and cobblestone streets are found in Old Montreal. Some new structures have been built right around the old. Scaffolding was a common sight, and many of the streets were under repair. One thing that impressed me was the use of light to highlight some of the architecture. I would have loved more time to explore this part of the city.