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More Trans-Canada Trail

More Trans-Canada Trail

Part of the Trans-Canada, or Great Trail, as it’s now called, runs through a the Migratory Bird Sanctuary within the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, where I live. On a cool, windy early April day, I went walking there. These ducks were happily swimming around in a puddle, rather than taking advantage of the lake on the other side of the hill.

overlook sign
The Goose Island Overlook gave me a good view of the city’s university campus.
overlook u of r
Another view from the Overlook was Goose Island, and in the background is the city centre.
overlook skyline
overlook with geese
If you look closely at this picture, you can see the flock of geese to the right, and to the left, of this little strip of land.

playgroundNear the Sanctuary is a playground, deserted during the Covid-19 ban on public parks.

playground gooseAnd in keeping with the Goose Island theme, is this triple slide. Looks like fun!