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Final Conservatory Post

Final Conservatory Post

There was a lot of colour at the Regina Conservatory.

Irises & Lilies
Untitled 106
Untitled 103
Did you know these flowers grew in red and white?


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And many other beauties!
Farewell from the Regina Floral Conservatory.
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Photo Ops

Photo Ops

Part ten in a series based on a recent trip to British Columbia with my husband.

My previous two posts gave you an idea of what things could be seen inside the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver. This post is to show you the grounds outside. I don’t think much commentary will be needed. Just take in the beauty of this spot.
The fountain waters would rise and fall, sometimes reaching many feet upward, sometimes only inches.
Here, the roof of the conservatory can be seen behind the fountains.
I loved these little maple leaves that were placed around the fountain’s edge. It’s details like this that are fun to discover!

Knife EdgeA sculpture called “Knife Edge” is displayed near the fountains.

Speaking of sculptures, this group of three appears to be posing for their picture.


IMG_2114quarry garden

Time to get back on the bus and go to our next stop, Gastown.


Feeling Tropical

Feeling Tropical

Part nine in a series based on a recent trip to British Columbia with my husband.

We not only saw birds on our stop at the Bloedel Conservatory, but an abundance of plants as well. I don’t know their names, but feel free to identify these lovelies in the comments.


There were also pretty water features. Make a wish, and see the fish…

And a few other interesting things nestled amid the plants and trees.

Next post, I’ll show you the grounds outside the conservatory.