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A Look Back at 2018

A Look Back at 2018

2018 is over, and I’m still blogging. I wondered if I’d find enough “smile worthy” things to keep my blog going for a year, but here it is 18 months later, and I still enjoy “finding inspiration in the little things”. Many times I have made my husband stop, and turn around on the highway when an interesting sight catches my eye, and at times he has suggested a post title, or reported seeing an example of something I’ve been looking for. (weather vanes come to mind)

In 2018, my five most popular posts with readers were:
#5 – The Time is Now
#4 – Beautiful Blossoms
#3 – My “Grandcats”
#2 – In Memory of the Lost
#1 – Flight of the Snow Dragon

My favourites were also the most popular–In Memory of the Lost, that gave me a new appreciation for each day of life with which I’ve been gifted, and Flight of the Snow Dragon, for how well my effort at poetry was received. Thank you!

The response from my readers has been somewhat of a surprise. I never imagined that  so many would use their valuable time to read what I post, but there have been some names that pop up time, and time again, with comments and likes. I appreciate every single moment you spend with me, and I’ve gained so much insight and information from those I follow. I’m glad to be a part of the WordPress community, and I wish all my fellow bloggers and readers a great 2019!

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Flight of the Snow Dragon

Flight of the Snow Dragon

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Liz at Exploring Colour published a post, Pete’s Dragon and an invitation:
“I’m inviting anyone who feels inspired, to do something creative about the Snow Dragon and publish it on your blog.”

Here’s my poem:

Flight of the Snow Dragon

She yearns to ride the winds of winter.
She longs to swim the icy sea.
She waits atop a frosty mountain,
For darkness to come, her time to be free.

Her shimmering, iridescent scales,
Like hoar-frost in the sunlight gleam.
But night will shield this creature of wonder,
It’s then she takes flight, the snow dragon queen.

Her wings spread wide, she soars t’ward heaven,
Then swoops with grace to the waters below.
She rides the waves of the northern ocean,
Her form scarce seen in the icy flow.

So little remains of her mystical kingdom,
Her realm now shrouded, hidden from sight.
Each twilight she waits atop her chill mountain,
To take wing again, in the wintry night.

© Candice 2018

Attempting to write this poem has made me realize that fantasy is not my forte, but you never know until you try!