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New and Improved

New and Improved

Last year, I posted a picture of a walking bridge in my neighbourhood that spans a drainage ditch, and poem titled “Bridges”.  If you haven’t seen the post, the link is below.


The city has replaced the bridge with a new one, wider, and more sturdy than the old one. It’s pictured above.

I also posted about some graffiti on the pipes of the drainage ditch. This was the same ditch where a family of ducks chose to live for the summer. The links for those posts are below.



The photo below shows what replaced the old drain pipes. The city has been very busy in the area, and I fear the ducks have been frightened away by the constant noise of the machinery, and the workers have also removed much of the vegetation from the environment where the ducks like to nest.


Nature in the City

Nature in the City


I try to go for a walk at least five days per week in the summer. I’ve been seeing a male and female duck that took up residence in a drainage ditch near my home. I was delighted to see that the couple now has baby ducklings! Even in the city, these ducks found a spot to raise their little family.