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Palms and Pretties

Palms and Pretties

Part four of a series based on a recent trip to British Columbia in May with my husband.

One stop on our B.C. trip took me to a home with a fabulously landscaped yard. Palms flourished under the expert attention of the homeowner. Our native prairie climate certainly gets much too cold in winter for these plants to survive.

Tucked in every corner of this garden were garden ornaments, such as this stone bird…
and delightful curios, like this metal lobster offering a pearl ring to who knows what. 

These smooth river rocks were an interesting addition to this path…
And these concrete stepping stones were crafted by the homeowner, forming a small patio.
A path leads to water at the edge of the property, and was full of water lilies, not yet in bloom.
I could have spent many pleasant hours here, enjoying the hospitality, the conversation, and the view.



Winter has frozen the prairies,

The air is cold, skies are grey.

But in the back of my mind,

Are thoughts of sunshine and May.

When pots and gardens are planted,

And green shoots break through the soil,

An explosion of colour soon follows,

Rewarding the gardeners’ toil.

So until the arrival of spring,

When winter, to warmth must give way,

I’ll keep in my heart this reminder,

To fend off the doldrums today.




Garden Envy

Garden Envy

Living in a condo has many advantages, but if you enjoy playing in the dirt to create a garden of blooms, your choices are somewhat limited. Many apartment dwellers choose to grow an array of  potted beauties, but there are plants and flowers that need room to spread their roots beyond the confines of a planter.  When surveying the various gardens as I walk, I get a distinct tinge of envy, remembering how many pleasant hours were spent planning, planting, weeding, and watering, all worth the effort when buds would form, then burst open in a colourful display. I may not have the satisfaction of tending a flower garden now, but I can certainly enjoy the results of garden enthusiasts around town.

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Memory of the Month – II

Memory of the Month – II

I started my blog on June 24, 2017. I am so grateful for the views, followers, and comments received since then. I thought each month I would reblog one of my early posts, so I hope you find this one enjoyable! Here goes:

Lilies and Sunsets


Orange lilies supposedly signify confidence and pride. I’ve seen many kinds of lilies around town, in an array of pinks, yellows, and of course, orange. For me, they are reminders of the colours found in a spectacular prairie sunset, and lately these have been made even more impressive by the smoke that hangs in the air from the many fires burning around the province. The thick haze turns the setting sun into a bright crimson disk, but regrettably it later masks the beauty of the night sky.