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Memory of the Month IV

Memory of the Month IV

I started my blog on June 24, 2017. Every like, comment, and follower is appreciated more than you could know. Since some of my early posts only had three or four views, I’m reposting one per month that was special to me. Here’s my Memory of the Month for September.


Beach Memories

When I was young, we spent our summers at a resort about thirty miles from our home. We went swimming every day, sometimes enjoyed walks in the evening, and had many friends and family get-togethers on the patio at our cottage. Many of the memorable features have changed since my childhood. The old wooden pier pictured here was washed away in a spring flood in 2011. The rebuilt version is shown below, and was built in 2015. The lookout kind of resembles a barber pole!


We spent a lot of time in the water at the beach. It’s where I took my first swimming lessons. There used to be slides and rafts to play on, but they’re all gone now. Below is what we called “the point”. There used to be a sign that warned us not to swim in this area because of the sharp drop offs caused by wind and waves exerting force on the sandbar. I see the sign’s no longer there.


Below is a new sign. The seagulls wait for an opportunity to scavenge for food at the beach. They are very resourceful, and can steal your lunch if you turn your back. The no littering rule must not apply to seagulls, because I’ve seen them leave empty wrappers from pilfered  potato chips and other assorted snacks. Watching gulls at the beach is an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.


IMG_0419It’s true that nothing stays the same – except in our memories. Try to keep the best of them, and let the others fade.

The Bandstand

The Bandstand

This Victorian style gazebo sits in Wascana Park, but was moved from its original location of Victoria Park in downtown Regina. It’s been here as long as I can remember, so the actual relocation must have been early in the creation of Wascana Park and Wascana Lake. This man-made lake was formed in 1883 by damming Wascana Creek, and the resulting lake became a stock watering hole. When it began to be a recreational spot for the residents of Regina, it was drained and deepened as part of a relief program that employed over 2,000 men during the Great Depression. They used only horse drawn wagons and hand tools to dig and dredge.
When one takes the walk encircling the lake, you pass the bandstand. One day you might see a wedding taking place, or a band composed of bagpipes playing. On yet another day, a rock band might be entertaining an audience seated on the grassy slopes. It’s one of the city’s photographers’ favourite spots, and it’s been the locale for many family photos over its long history.