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Valentine Visit

Valentine Visit

Valentine’s Day was nearing, when we visited the Regina Conservatory. The Conservatory volunteers work to make this little gem an enjoyable experience for young and old alike. Some small whimsical touchesĀ  mingle with the greenery and floral displays. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

drift wood 4
water wheel
drift wood
drift wood 2
air plant
air plant2

Frosty Day

Frosty Day

I know I’ve posted pictures in the past of frost covered trees, but this day in December was a day of exceptionally heavy frost that covered every outdoor surface. The fog surrounded us as we traveled the highway. At home, an artificial plant on our balcony, and a little tree show just how thick the frost had become.

plantthe tree

Beautiful, and Versatile, Trees

Beautiful, and Versatile, Trees

I’ve been noticing trees lately. They are diverse in form. The bark is unique to each species. They are one of the most beautiful, and useful, objects in nature. The way they are planted can provide protection from the wind, or sun.


People intervene, and the wood is used for various purposes. The tree rings reveal growth and weather patterns. Some historical events can be traced through the rings.


How many uses for trees here? box, bench, boat, deck, shed, fence, fuel.

wood pile

People have used trees for thousands of years to build items of necessity, and also decorative, even humourous things.

And sometimes, someone just does this….