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Snowman’s Land

We’ve had a lot of snow recently that was perfect for making snowmen, as evidenced by the examples found in the neighbourhood. The snowmen range from small and dainty…

to those wearing jaunty headwear…

To some that sit on top of a snowbank…

A little quirky…
Is this a snowman, or an octopus?

a snowman whose buttons, mouth and eyes fell out onto the snow…

And my favourite, the Covid-19 snowman.

March Walk

March Walk

During this time of social distancing, I’m glad that we can still enjoy a walk outdoors on a sunny day. Here are a few sights that induced a smile during the last days of March.
Above, a photo of an outdoor tableau. The small windmill was no more than four feet tall. I’m sure this spot looks great in the summer, surrounded by plants and flowers.

Untitled 2
Usually, these Christmas decorations are gone by the end of March. Was someone trying to spread a little cheer during these concerning times?

A cute Little Library. This one was tiny, but full!
weed garden
It’s too early for this garden to be planted, but the gardener seems to be anticipating a good crop of weeds!

Mobile Cheer

Mobile Cheer

If you happen to be in Regina this holiday season, you might get a glimpse of this festive van in a mall parking lot or on one of the city’s roads. It made my head turn when I saw it, and yes, it’s 1500 lights made me smile. I sincerely hope you had a Merry Christmas, and may you be truly blessed in the New Year!

photo courtesy Regina Leader Post. For the full Leader Post story behind the van, and why it’s decorated, click here.



The once portly and frosty white snowmen in my neighbourhood are experiencing a meltdown in the mild temperatures we’ve had of late. I watch their progression, some losing their heads, some looking rather sooty. All, a shadow of their former selves.


Winter … time to build men of snow.
Roll, pat, and stack frosty white orbs,
Add arms of branches, eyes of stone, a woolen hat.
Plump and sparkling in the sunlight, he stands vigil,
Spring … his twig arms droop, his form thins.
No more the winter sentinel.

(c) Candice Pierce 2018