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How Many is Too Many?

How Many is Too Many?



Have you ever noticed that some things are just a little overdone? There seem to be a few too many sunflowers in front of the house in the photo above. 

This front yard seems to have a few too many decorations.

This commercial compound seems to be stockpiling firewood for the next few decades. The pile lines the majority of the fence about three feet wide, and reaches about eight feet in height!

I’d love to see photos from other bloggers that show things a little over the top or over done.

Going Home

While riding home after a visit with our daughter last August, I was moved by the sights we passed on the highway, and was inspired to write a little poem.

The asphalt ribbon lies ahead,
Mile upon country mile.

Field and sky melt together,
On the distant prairie horizon.

Pumpjacks bow toward the earth,
Urging the ground to surrender its treasure.

Crops of canola, sunflowers, and grain,
Lift their golden heads toward the sun.

Rail cars await the prairie bounty,
To share with neighbours far and wide.

Weathered barns sag, abandoned,
Left to rot in the sun, wind, and rain.

We pass these familiar scenes,
As we make our way home.

Our prairie home.